Umar Balogun: The Peace Ambassador of Our Time

By Alabi Omotosho

Some weeks ago, a final football match was played between Musty FC and Owonikoko FC in Ilorin.

The football match held at the Government Day Secondary School, ilorin witnessed massive turn out of participants. Spectators and football stakeholders in the state all came en masse to witness the end of another football festival as Musty FC  emerged winner of the competition. The winners and runners up were  given some token in appreciation of their efforts.

Musty FC players with their Truphy

One thing that caught most people’s attention was the praise that was showered on the organizers of the tournament and the purpose behind the “Kwara Peace Cup”.

Football pundits at the event were amazed that the organizers of the competition could still carry on with the football tournament in a new government given the closeness of main sponsor of the competition to the former governor Kwara State, Alhaji Dr Abdulfattah Ahmed.

Chairman Kwara F.A. Mallam Idris Abdulla Umar Balogun

Before now, Umar Balogun, the chairman, chief executive officer of Ladorb Technologies had conceived the idea of using the round leather game to positively redirect youthful exuberance to promote peaceful co-existence within the state of Harmony. 

He first started the initiative with the introduction of the Share – Tsaragi Maigida peace cup. Then, it was a move to promote peace and friendship in the already fractured relationship between the two communities.

From L-R Umar Balogun, Elerin Of Erin Ile, Match Official and Oloffa of offa.

Umar later moved the competition to promote peace between Offa and Erin ile. The initiative was seen as a success as the Paramount rulers of the two communities both on track suits not only honored his invitation, they openly embraced each other to the admiration of spectators from both communities and other neighboring Obas/chiefs that were invited to watch the historic final match.

Umar Balogun used the round leather game as an instrument to penetrate the rank and files of kwara traditional Chiefs and Obas, promoting peaceful coexistence, discovering and nurturing talents among youths in the process.

In recognition of his passion for peace and the uncommon influence he wields among st Obas and traditional rulers across the state, Umar Balogun was appointed a Special Assistant on Peace and conflict resolution to the then governor of Kwara State, Alhaji Dr Adulfattah Ahmend.

Umar Balogun with the Emir of Ilorin.

With this appointment, he became the first youngest Special Assistant to be so appointed from Shaare by Governor Abdulfattah Ahmed.

In a remark at the end of the 2019 Kwara Peace Cup, the Kwara State director of sports, Coach Tunde Kazeem commended the initiatives of Ladorb Technologies and advised well meaning Nigerians to join hands in getting our youths engaged in sports to promote peace, adding that sports and peace promotion is far beyond politics.

Umar Balogun is the Chairman, Chief Executive officer of Ladorb Technologies, he once worked with the National eGovernment Strategies, Abuja – a Public Private Partnership that specializes in driving government activities online for accessibility of Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government.

He was a member of the team that developed the (eNYSC) National Youth Servics Corp’s (ePassport) International Passport, (eTRCN) Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria. etc

Umar Balogun voluntarily resigned to establish his own Information Technology and security surveillance private company Ladorb technologies with branches in Ilorin, Abuja and Lagos.

Umar is the owner of an ilorin based Ladorb Football Club. His vision for this is to mentor and nurture discovered talents, giving them a platform to rise to the fullness of their potentials.

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